How to attach helmet covers

Fits most brands of helmets both round and road style.

Helmet cover sizes available in S/M and L/XL

Simple to attach

Loop on back side of helmet cover designed for attachment of safety light to alert motorists.

Not designed for motor vehicle use



1. Remove (4) Velcro strips from attached bag

2. Remove liner from Velcro strips to expose adhesive

3. Attach Velcro strips to exterior of clean helmet in four places

1. front (recommended)  2. back (round style)  3. side  (as needed) 4. side (see diagram) (as needed)

4. Place helmet cover over helmet

5. Align helmet cover on helmet

6.  Attach velcro lining sewn inside cover to velcro strips on helmet.

* Velcro strips on helmet cover are removable for when you do not want to wear a helmet cover

** Removes cleanly

*** Helmet cover  is not to be worn without a helmet